What documents are required for Cosmos Bank current account opening

What Documents are Required for Cosmos Bank Current Account Opening

What documents are required for Cosmos Bank current account opening
Step into the realm of Cosmos Bank, an esteemed powerhouse among the nation's financial institutions. Experience a world where financial excellence and unparalleled services converge harmoniously. If you are considering opening a current account with Cosmos Bank, you might wonder about the documents required for the opening process. This article will guide you through the necessary documents and provide essential information to make the account opening process smooth and hassle-free.

Understanding Cosmos Bank Current Account

Before diving into the document requirements, let's first understand what a current account is and why it is beneficial to have one with Cosmos Bank. An existing bank account is specifically designed for businesses, professionals, and individuals who require frequent and regular transactions. It allows you to deposit and withdraw money per your business or personal requirements.

Opening a current account with Cosmos Bank offers numerous advantages. You can access various banking services, such as chequebook facilities, overdraft facilities, and online banking. Additionally, you can avail yourself of different cash management solutions tailored to your business needs. With Cosmos Bank's robust infrastructure and excellent customer service, managing your finances becomes seamless and efficient.

Required Documents for Cosmos Bank Current Account Opening

What documents are required for Cosmos Bank current account opening
To open a current account with Cosmos Bank, you must provide specific documents per the bank's requirements. These documents help establish your identity, address, and business details (if applicable). Let's look at the different types of documents you need to furnish:





Identity Proof

Verify the applicant's identity.

Driver's License

Identity Proof

Another valid ID option for verification.

Aadhaar Card

Identity Proof

Accepted for Indian residents.

Utility Bills

Address Proof

Confirm the residential address.

Bank Statements

Address Proof

Alternative proof of address.

Rental Agreement

Address Proof

For individuals residing in rented homes.

Passport-sized Photos

Identity Proof

Recent photographs of the applicant.

PAN Card

Identity Proof

Essential for all financial transactions.

Certificate of Incorporation

Business Proof

Mandatory for business accounts.

Memorandum & Articles of Association

Business Proof

Legal documents for business structure.

Board Resolution

Business Proof

Authorize account opening and signatories.

Passport and Visa Copies

Non-Resident Proof

For non-resident individuals/entities.

KYC Form

Bank Form

Provides personal and financial details.

Initial Deposit

Financial Requirement

Activate the current account.

Identity Proof

Valid Passport: A passport is a globally accepted identity document. It serves as both proofs of identity and citizenship.

Aadhaar Card: In the realm of valid identity proof documents, the Aadhaar card holds significant recognition. It is an official card issued by the esteemed Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Voter ID Card: For registered voters, their voter ID card serves as valid identity proof.

A valid driving license is an acceptable identity proof document confirming your address.

Address Proof

Electricity Bill: A recent electricity bill in your name can be used as proof of your residential address.

Telephone Bill: A landline or mobile phone bill displaying your address serves as valid address proof.

Bank Statement with Address: A bank statement from another bank displaying your address can be used as proof of residence.

Rent Agreement: A registered rent agreement can serve as address proof if you reside in a rented accommodation.

Business Proof (for business accounts)

Business Proof (for business accounts)
Business Registration Certificate: If you own a business, providing the registration certificate establishes the legitimacy of your enterprise.

GST Certificate: The GST certificate is a crucial document for businesses registered under the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Memorandum of Association (MOA): We would like to inform you that submitting the Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a prerequisite for businesses operating as registered companies. It is essential to comply with this requirement to fulfil the legal obligations associated with company registration.

Partnership Deed (if applicable): In the case of a partnership firm, providing the partnership deed is essential.


Passport-sized Photographs: Carry a few recent passport-sized photographs for account opening and verification purposes.

E. PAN Card:  A Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is mandatory to open a current Cosmos Bank account. Ensure you possess a valid PAN card before initiating the account opening process.

Additional Documents

Additional Documents
Introductory Reference (if required): Cosmos Bank may request a preliminary reference from an existing account holder to establish trust and credibility.

Previous Bank Account Statements (if applicable): Providing previous bank account statements can be beneficial if you have existing bank accounts.

Income Tax Returns (if applicable): Individuals or businesses with taxable income might be required to furnish income tax returns as additional documentation.

By submitting the necessary documents, you help the bank accurately verify your identity, address, and business details (if applicable). This ensures a smooth and secure account opening process.

Steps to Open a Cosmos Bank Current Account

Steps to Open a Cosmos Bank Current Account
Now that you are aware of the documents required let's discuss the step-by-step process of opening a current account with Cosmos Bank:

A. Visit the Nearest Branch: Locate the nearest Cosmos Bank branch and visit it in person. Choosing a unit convenient to your residence or business location is recommended.

B. Collect Account Opening Form: Obtain the current account opening form from the bank. The bank staff will guide you and provide the necessary conditions.

C. Fill in the Required Details: Carefully fill out the account opening form with accurate details. Ensure that all fields are correctly filled, and avoid any errors.

D. Attach the Documents: Assemble all the required documents per the bank's guidelines. To facilitate the verification procedure, the original copies and their duplicates are recommended to be easily accessible.

E. Submit the Application: Submit the duly filled account opening form and the necessary documents to the bank representative. They will verify the documents and accept your application.

F. Account Verification Process: The bank will initiate the account verification process. They may contact you for additional information or clarification if required.

G. Account Opening and Welcome Kit: Once your application is approved and the verification process is completed, your current account will be opened with Cosmos Bank. You will receive a welcome kit containing essential account-related information and details.

Tips for a Smooth Account Opening Process

Tips for a Smooth Account Opening Process
To ensure a smooth account opening process with Cosmos Bank, consider the following tips:

Check the validity of your documents: Ensure that all the documents submitted are valid and not expired.

Ensure all details are filled out accurately: Double-check the account opening form to ensure that all the details are filled in accurately without any errors.

Keep multiple photocopies of the documents: It's always prudent to keep various photocopies of the required documents for your Reference and to avoid any inconvenience during the account opening process.

Carry originals for verification: Carry the original documents and photocopies at the bank for verification purposes.

To gain further insight into the status of your application and stay informed about its progress, we encourage you to take a proactive approach in your communication with the bank. If you are awaiting updates but have yet to receive significant developments, feel free to contact the bank and inquire about the current status of your application. By initiating contact, you can ensure that you stay informed and maintain an up-to-date understanding of the situation.


Opening a current account with Cosmos Bank is a seamless process, provided you have the required documents. By understanding the specific document requirements and following the step-by-step process, you can open a current account and access the various banking services and benefits offered by Cosmos Bank. Remember to provide accurate information and maintain transparency throughout the account opening process.


Q.  What are the benefits of opening a current account with Cosmos Bank?

Ans. I invite you to explore the exceptional advantages of initiating a current account with Cosmos Bank. By doing so, you unlock many benefits that cater to your unique business requirements. Indulge in an extensive array of banking services, relish the convenience of chequebook facilities, tap into the advantages of overdraft facilities, embrace the efficiency of online banking, and optimize your cash management with tailored solutions. Additionally, Cosmos Bank offers excellent customer service and a robust banking infrastructure to ensure a seamless banking experience.

Q.  Can I open a current account without a PAN card?

Ans. No, having a PAN card is mandatory for opening a current account with Cosmos Bank. A PAN card is a unique identification document required for financial transactions and compliance with regulatory norms.

Q.  Is there a minimum balance requirement for a Cosmos Bank current account?

Ans. Yes, Cosmos Bank has minimum balance requirements for current accounts. The specific minimum balance requirement may vary depending on the type of existing account you choose. To thoroughly understand the stipulated criteria for maintaining the minimum balance, you should seek guidance from your financial institution or access their authorized online platform.

Q.  How long does opening a current account with Cosmos Bank take?

Ans. The time taken to open a current account with Cosmos Bank may vary depending on the completeness of the application and the verification process. The process of opening an account usually requires a span of approximately 7 to 10 business days, contingent upon the fulfilment of all requirements.

5. Can I open a current account online with Cosmos Bank?

Ans. Yes, Cosmos Bank offers online account opening facilities for specific accounts. Visit their official website or contact the bank directly to inquire about the availability of online account opening options and the required documents for the process.
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